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Now, more than ever, technique for identifying and recruiting qualified candidates must be expanded. Standard approaches to recruiting continue to become less effective as the demand for qualified professionals continue to grow. We use multiple sources to identify, recruit, and place highly qualified contract employees for our customers. These include:

  • Computerized Resume Storage and Retrieval.

    PANTHER's recruitment process is based on a Human Resources Information System called PANTHERExpress.

    All resumes received by PANTHER via email, are automatically retrieved by PANTHERExpress and saved to an easy-to-search database record. Unlike similar systems in use by our competitors which queue the scanned resumes for overnight (or more deferred) processing, PANTHERExpress performs this process in virtual real-time.

    PANTHER's recruiters use a specially developed search engine (within PANTHERExpress) that allows execution of full text searches for any skill or combination of skills our clients may require.

    System capabilities are such that our recruiters can quickly and accurately identify candidates by:
    • Skill set,
    • Level of education,
    • Years of experience,
    • Industry- or company-specific experience,
    • Area of residence, regional, or
    • Specific job location preferences, and so on.

  • Local and National Network

    (Universities, Trade Schools, and other Institutes.)
    This relates directly to applicant/resource flow.

  • Direct Sourcing

  • Internet Job Postings

  • Print Media

    Professional and Trade Publications

  • PANTHER Contractor Referral

  • Referrals from our Customers

  • Job Fairs & Expos

  • Customer Applicants

  • Professional and Technical Organization Job Banks

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